Are you a person who has married your best friend? If yes, then you must watch Ori Devuda movie. It would be best if you watched this movie with your partner (who was your best friend) so both of you can enjoy it. Ori Devuda is a movie that tells the story of two best friends who get married and the problems they face.

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Why should you watch Ori Devuda if you have married your best friend?

Ori Devuda is a romantic comedy film about two best friends getting married. The unique way of representing both the central characters in the movie as best friends is one of the best parts of this movie. Anu – the heroine, asks Arjun – the hero, whether he likes to marry her or not at the beginning, to which he agrees. Both their families were supportive of seeing both of them getting married. The twist appears when the next part – after one year, starts with both of them standing in court for a divorce.

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The movie is full of many comedies, entertainment and romances that would keep you interested. The story depicts how enjoyable your life would be if you married your best friend. It also shows the problems faced by the hero, who even thinks that his life would have been better with another person. Thus, it is the best movie for those who have married their best friend.

What to expect from Ori Devuda?

Ori Devuda is a feel-good movie with a story combination of romance, comedy, and fantasy that will surely entertain all the viewers. The whole story, from the beginning to the end, is fascinating and will never keep you bored. Vishwak Sen, as Arjun in the movie, has played his role perfectly and has done the comedy parts far more interestingly. On the other hand, some fantasies in this movie involve Arjun meeting God and his assistant. The role of a fun-filled God played by Daggubati Venkatesh is another important highlight of Ori Devuda.

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